Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Beware - Conman

Jon Guerin or John Guerin or Jon De Guerin is suspected of being responsible for defrauding individuals through the ruse of building work.  See Channel 5's episode of 'Cowboy Builders' shown Wednesday 26th January 2011.

The purpose of this blog is to alert anyone who should google his name to the dangers of employing him as your builder.  We fell victim to him despite pretty good due diligence.  Unfortunately an Internet search of his name when we employed his services returned nothing.  We do not want this to happen to others, hence this blog.

A 10 week contract was agreed with payments to be made weekly.  The contract end date came and went with approximately 50% (at best) of the work done.  All payments were made as per the agreement and with only a small amount left to pay Jon Guerin left site and said that he would not be coming back.  He has not responded to requests to return and complete the work.

This has allegedly happened to many other people.  Please contact Trading Standards with any information that you may have.

Please do not be the next victim!

This character has traded as:

Bluewood Constructions Ltd
Greyfox Project Management Ltd
St Malory Projects Ltd
Wynchwood Design & Development Ltd
Blue Ferne Construction Ltd
Merlyn Refurbishment Litd
De Guerin Contruction & Design Ltd